Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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PbrHairData Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PbrHairData:

Public Member Functions

void configure (const GMathVec3d &shading_normal, const GMathVec3d &shading_tangent, const GMathVec3d &wi)
void sample (float theta_o, float delta_phi)
void evaluate (const GMathVec3d &wo)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreScratchpadObject
virtual ~CoreScratchpadObject ()
 Implement this virtual destructor in your data class, the memory scratchpad will call it on the reset call.

Public Attributes

GMathVec3d m_w
GMathVec3d m_wo
float m_theta_i
float m_cos_theta_o
float m_cos_theta_d
float m_theta_h
float m_cos_half_phi
float m_sin_half_phi
float m_phi
float m_cos_theta_over_cos_theta_d_sqr
float m_cos_theta_t
float m_rcp_eta_prime