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PbrIridescentAbsorption Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PbrIridescentAbsorption:
PbrDirectionalAbsorption CoreScratchpadObject

Public Member Functions

void configure (float power, float eta, float film_thickness, float air_thickness, float exposure)
virtual bool absorb (const GMathVec3d &wi, const GMathVec3d &wo, const GMathVec3d &n, GMathVec3f &value) const
 IX_DEPRECATED_UNTIL ("This function is deprecated: do not use!", 6) inline bool is_absorbing() const

Detailed Description

class PbrIridescentAbsorption Computes the iridescence effect based on the paper: "Rendering Biological Iridescences with RGB-Based Renderers" 2006 Yinlong Sun This paper introduces the multi-layer thin film approach to iridescence rendering which simulates the light interference at multiple thin layers.