Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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PbrRecursionData Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual void reset ()

Public Attributes

CtxPbrSampling sampling_ctx
CtxPbrDepthConstants current_depth
 bounces count per channels
float luminance
 shading luminance of the fragment (accumulated luminance of fragments shaded before)
float roughness
 shading maximum accumulated roughness for the fragment
PbrMediumStack medium_stack
 Medium stack by reccursion used to compute the transmittance.
float ray_sampling_weight
 MIS weight of the previous volume ray sampling.
float material_sampling_pdf
 PDF value of the previous material sample.
float scatter_sample_count
float channel_group_material_sample_count
unsigned int scatter_scheme
unsigned int scatter_count
const unsigned int * ranged_emitters_sample_count
const PbrLight *const * ranged_emitters
const PbrLightConfigranged_emitters_config
unsigned int ranged_emitters_count
PbrChannelIndex channel_index
unsigned int channel_depth
PbrIntegrationDomain integration_domain
const PbrScatterscatter
unsigned int hit_shadow_catcher
 Contains the reccursion depth at which the shadow catcher is hit (initiliaze to CORE_INVALID_INDEX)