Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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PbrSample Class Reference

Inherited by PbrPathTracer::Sample, and Sample.

Public Member Functions

void nullify ()
bool is_null () const
const GMathRayget_ray () const
const GMathVec3d & get_position () const
const GMathVec3d & get_direction () const
const GMathVec3d & get_normal () const
const double & get_far_clip () const
const float & get_pdf () const
const GMathVec3f & get_value () const
const GeometryIntersectionget_intersection () const
void set_direction (const GMathVec3d &direction)
void set_normal (const GMathVec3d &normal)
void set_far_clip (const double &dist_max)
void set_value (const GMathVec3f &value)
void set_pdf (const float &pdf)
void init (const GMathVec3d &normal, const GMathVec3f &value, const float &pdf, const GMathVec3d &direction, const double &far_clip=GMathd::infinity())
void init (const GMathVec3f &value, const float &pdf, const GMathVec3d &direction, const double &far_clip=GMathd::infinity())
void set_dirac (bool is_dirac)
bool is_mis_enabled () const
const PbrIntegrationDomain & get_integration_domain () const
const PbrIntegrationDomain & set_integration_domain (PbrIntegrationDomain integration_domain)
bool is_channel_active (const PbrChannelIndex &channel_index) const
void deactivate_material_flag (const PbrChannelIndex &channel_index)

Protected Attributes

GMathRay m_ray
GMathVec3d m_normal
double m_far_clip
float m_pdf
GMathVec3f m_value
bool m_is_dirac
const GeometryIntersectionm_intersection
PbrIntegrationDomain m_integration_domain
PbrChannelBitField m_material_mask

Member Data Documentation

PbrChannelBitField PbrSample::m_material_mask

Specify which BXDF channels must take into account the sampling result. It is always equal to all channels, except when sampling a scene object in EIS mode, in which case the resulting mask depends on the sampled scene object rendering flags including "Unseen By Reflections", "Unseen By Refractions", "Unseen By GI" and "Unseen By SSS".