Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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PbrSasGlobal Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void dirty_tree ()
 specify that the sas tree must be updated
void dirty_weights ()
 specify that only weights must be updated
void clear_objects ()
void clear_sas_resources (const CoreClassInfo &class_info=PbrSasObject::class_info())
PbrWeightedSasSceneget_weights (OfApp &app)
void set (const CoreBasicArray< SceneObjectSas * > &objects, const CoreBasicArray< unsigned int > &raw_object_indices)
bool is_sub_object_light (ModuleSceneObject *scene_object, const unsigned int sub_object_index) const

Detailed Description

class PbrSasGlobal Class aggregating all SAS of scene objects in Global Light mode