Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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PbrSasLocal Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void set (const CoreBasicArray< SceneObjectSas * > &objects, const CoreBasicArray< unsigned int > &raw_object_indices)
void create (AppProgressBar *progress_bar) const
const unsigned int & get_lights_count () const
const CoreVector
< PbrSasInstance * > & 
get_lights () const
const PbrSasInstanceget_light (ModuleSceneObject *scene_object, unsigned int &light_index) const
void set_dirty () const
 Specify that the list of local SAS must be updated.
bool is_dirty () const
void clear_sas_resources (const CoreClassInfo &class_info=PbrSasObject::class_info())

Detailed Description

class PbrSasInstance Class aggregating all SAS of scene objects in Local Light mode

When custom resource overrides will be handle in ModuleObject, this class could be removed, as SAS resources will be fully managed by the resource manager