Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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PbrSceneIntegrationData Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PbrSceneIntegrationData:

Public Member Functions

 PbrSceneIntegrationData (const ModuleIntegratorSceneInfo &scene_info)
void on_object_change (const OfObject &object, const OfAttrEvent *event_info) override
 Dirty the corresponding light structure when a scene item change.
size_t get_memory_size () const override
const PbrLasget_las () const
PbrWeightedSasSceneget_global_sas ()
PbrSasLocalget_local_sas ()
const SceneShadingTableget_scene_objects_shading () const
PbrLightSas get_sas (const CtxPbrShader &ctx, ModuleSceneObject *scene_object, const unsigned int sub_object_index, unsigned int &ranged_emitter_index)

Member Function Documentation

PbrLightSas PbrSceneIntegrationData::get_sas ( const CtxPbrShader ctx,
ModuleSceneObject scene_object,
const unsigned int  sub_object_index,
unsigned int &  ranged_emitter_index 

Returns the SAS to consider for the given scene object only if the given sub object of this scene object must be consider as a light It depends of the materials of the sub object and the scene object hierarchy of this sub object (Force Global/Inherits From Sub Items mode) If the given sub object must not be considered as a light, it returns 0