Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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ShadingLayerRule Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ShadingLayerRule (ModuleShadingLayer *shading_layer, const bool &is_active=true, const CoreString &filter="", const int &index=-1)
void init_default_values ()
 Initialize shading layer columns with default values.
void init_default_column_value (ShadingLayerColumnItem *column)
 Initialize shading layer columns with default values.
void remove_values ()
const CoreStringget_raw_string () const
const CoreStringget_evaluated_string () const
void set_filter (const CoreString &filter)
bool check_refresh_filter ()
bool check_string_matches (const CoreString &first_part, const CoreString &second_part, const CoreVector< ShadingLayerCachedCtx > &root_contexts) const
bool is_generic () const
bool is_object_only () const
void make_object_relative ()
bool is_world () const
bool get_is_filter_valid () const
void set_index (const int &idx)
const int & get_index () const
bool get_is_active () const
void set_is_active (const bool &is_active)
get_column_value (const unsigned int &index) const
ShadingLayerColumnValues::Valueget_column_value (const unsigned int &index)
template<typename T_Type >
const T_Type & get_column_value_typed (const unsigned int &index) const
template<typename T_Type >
bool get_column_state (const unsigned int &index) const
ModuleShadingLayerget_shading_layer () const

Public Attributes

bool m_is_active
ShadingLayerRuleFilter m_filter
int m_index


class ModuleShadingLayer