Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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SysFileTools Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static bool move_file (const CoreString &old_path, const CoreString &new_path, const bool &overwrite)
static bool copy_file (const CoreString &old_path, const CoreString &new_path, const bool &overwrite)
static bool generate_tmp_file (SysFile &file, const CoreString &path, const CoreString &extension="", const SysFile::Mode &mode=SysFile::FILE_MODE_READ, const SysFile::Type &type=SysFile::FILE_TYPE_BINARY)
static CoreString generate_random_filename (const CoreString &prefix="", const CoreString &suffix="")
 Generate a filename using timestamp, current milliseconds and pid.
static CoreString get_fullpath (const CoreString &_filename, const CoreString &_extension, const long &current_frame)

Member Function Documentation

bool SysFileTools::generate_tmp_file ( SysFile file,
const CoreString path,
const CoreString extension = "",
const SysFile::Mode &  mode = SysFile::FILE_MODE_READ,
const SysFile::Type &  type = SysFile::FILE_TYPE_BINARY 

Generates a random filename. On each new Clarisse session the ramdom generator is the same, but the seed changes on each new call to generate_tmp_file.