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SysThreadTask Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for SysThreadTask:
CoreBaseObject CoreBaseType Sample2DLutTask SysThreadTaskGeneric

Public Member Functions

SysThreadTaskManagerget_task_manager () const
const bool & is_auto_deleted () const
const bool & is_preemptible () const
void set_auto_delete (const bool &auto_delete)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseObject
bool is_kindof (const CoreBaseObject &object) const
virtual size_t get_memory_size () const
CoreString get_class_info_name () const
const unsigned long & get_class_info_id () const
virtual bool is_kindof (const CoreClassInfo &cinfo) const
virtual const CoreClassInfoget_class_info () const
template<class T >
T * cast ()
template<class T >
const T * cast () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseType
bool is_kindof (const CoreClassInfo &cinfo) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void execution_entry (const unsigned int &thread_id)=0


class SysThreadTaskManager

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseObject
static const CoreClassInfoclass_info ()
template<class T >
static T * cast (CoreBaseObject *object)
template<class T >
static const T * cast (const CoreBaseObject *object)

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for implementing a worker task to be run in a separate thread.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void SysThreadTask::execution_entry ( const unsigned int &  thread_id)
protectedpure virtual

Execution entry point of the task. This were the task work must be implemented.

thread_idtask thread ID.

Implemented in SysThreadTaskGeneric, and Sample2DLutTask.

SysThreadTaskManager* SysThreadTask::get_task_manager ( ) const

Get the task manager that owns this task.

task manager.
const bool& SysThreadTask::is_auto_deleted ( ) const

Query if this task is deleted automatically by the task manager.

true if the auto delete, false otherwise.
const bool& SysThreadTask::is_preemptible ( ) const

Query if this task is preemptible (can be interrupted).

true if preemptible, false otherwise.
void SysThreadTask::set_auto_delete ( const bool &  auto_delete)

Set the auto delete status.

auto_deletetrue if the task can be automatically deleted by the task manager, false otherwise.