Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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VolumeIESLightSampler Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for VolumeIESLightSampler:

Public Member Functions

void set_angular_PDF_map (const AngularPDFMap *map)
virtual void clear () overridefinal
virtual double calculate_sampler_weight (const GMathBasicRay<> &ray, const double t_near_vol, const double t_far_vol, const int mode=0) overridefinal
virtual bool sample (const double &xi, double &t_xi, double &pdf_xi) overridefinal
virtual double evaluate (double t) overridefinal

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VolumeLightSampler
static VolumeLightSamplerplaceholder ()
- Public Attributes inherited from VolumeLightSampler
GMathVec3d L
GMathVec3d n
double intensity
const GMathBasicRayray
double D
 Perpendicular distance from L to the ray.
double t_perp
 Signed distance from ray origin to projection of L on the ray.
double phi_a
 Angle from light perpendicular to volume entry.
double phi_b
 Angle from light perpendicular to volume exit.
double t_near
 Distance from ray origin to light cone (or half-space) entry.
double t_far
 Distance from ray origin to light cone (or half-space) exit.
double theta
double light_radius
double omega