Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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CtxSubPixelShadeFilter Struct Reference

Public Attributes

const ImageSampleimage_sample
unsigned int ray_index
GMathVec3f * color
GMathVec3f * opacity
const AOVDescriptoraov_desc
CoreArray< float > * aov_data
CoreVector< float > * deep_z_front
CoreVector< float > * deep_z_back
 Deep front Z values.
CoreVector< float > * deep_alpha
 Deep back Z values.
CoreVector< float > * deep_red
 Deep alpha values.
CoreVector< float > * deep_green
 Deep red values (can be null)
CoreVector< float > * deep_blue
 Deep green values (can be null)
const SamplingKernel2daa_filter
 Deep blue values (can be null)

Member Data Documentation

const SamplingKernel2d* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::aa_filter

Deep blue values (can be null)

Pointer to the currently used anti-aliasing sampling kernel.

CoreArray<float>* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::aov_data
const AOVDescriptor* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::aov_desc
GMathVec3f* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::color
CtxRaytrace* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::ctx_raytrace
CoreVector<float>* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::deep_alpha

Deep back Z values.

CoreVector<float>* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::deep_blue

Deep green values (can be null)

CoreVector<float>* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::deep_green

Deep red values (can be null)

CoreVector<float>* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::deep_red

Deep alpha values.

CoreVector<float>* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::deep_z_back

Deep front Z values.

CoreVector<float>* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::deep_z_front
const ImageSample* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::image_sample
GMathVec3f* CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::opacity
unsigned int CtxSubPixelShadeFilter::ray_index