Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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GeometryNormalMap Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

size_t get_memory_size () const
bool operator== (const GeometryNormalMap &nm) const
bool operator!= (const GeometryNormalMap &nm) const

Public Attributes

CoreArray< GMathVec3f > normals
CoreArray< unsigned int > polygon_indices
CoreString name
 The name of this map.

Detailed Description

Stores a geometry normal map (not the texture, the normals stored in the Geometry itself)

Member Data Documentation

CoreArray<GMathVec3f> GeometryNormalMap::normals

The list of normals. The number of normals is either the same as the number of points of the geometry (in this case polygon_indices can be left empty), or any number greater than 0, in which case polygon_indices must be used.

CoreArray<unsigned int> GeometryNormalMap::polygon_indices

The indices. Either empty (in which case the number of normals should be the same as the number of points of the geometry) or the same number as the number of polygon vertex indices.