Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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GuiNodal::GraphTextInfo Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 GraphTextInfo (const CoreString &text, const GuiImage *image, const int &font_size=11, const GuiWidget::Justify &justify=GuiWidget::JUSTIFY_CENTER, const GuiFont::Weight &weight=GuiFont::WEIGHT_NORMAL, const GuiFont::Style &style=GuiFont::STYLE_NORMAL, bool strikeout=false, bool underline=false)
 GraphTextInfo (const GraphTextInfo &src)

Public Attributes

CoreString m_text
CoreVector< const GuiImage * > m_images
int m_extra_image_index
 starting from this index, icons have to be right-shifted
int m_font_size
GuiFont::Weight m_weight
GuiFont::Style m_style
GuiWidget::Justify m_font_justify
bool m_strikeout
bool m_underline

Static Public Attributes

static CoreHashTable< const
GuiImage *, short > 
 0=center -1=left, +1=right