Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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GuiNodalLinkPair Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 GuiNodalLinkPair ()
 Construct an empty link.
 GuiNodalLinkPair (GuiNodalNodeBase *p1, GuiNodalNodeBase *p2)
bool operator== (const GuiNodalLinkPair &src) const
 Equality operator.

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

This structure is used to store a connection between 2 node bases.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GuiNodalLinkPair::GuiNodalLinkPair ( GuiNodalNodeBase p1,
GuiNodalNodeBase p2 

Construct a link with 2 node pointers. Those pointers are sorted by value so that call to operator == and hashing are deterministic whatever the order of p1 and p2.