Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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ImageSaveOptions Class Reference

Defines the options to use when saving a file. More...


Public Member Functions

 ImageSaveOptions (const ImageSaveOptions &src, const bool &with_metadata=true)
bool is_file_exr () const
void fill_metadata (CoreString object_name, CoreString metadata, bool add=true)
void add_image_canvas_meta_data (const ImageCanvas &image_canvas)

Public Attributes

float aspect_ratio
CoreString file_color_space
 Color correction that will be applied during save.
CoreArray< CoreString > * rgba_channels
 When loading with custom channels (Aov for examples), this parameter tells the save function to save only the specified channels, and to write them in RGBA channels. First channel goes into 'R', second in 'G', etc...
If no list is supplied, in EXR/TIFF: all channels are saved and names are respected, in other, only RGBA is saved.
ImageIOFileFormat::Save format
CoreArray< MetaDatacustom_metadata
ImageIOFileFormat::OpenExrCompressionMethod compress_pref

Detailed Description

Defines the options to use when saving a file.

Class Documentation

struct ImageSaveOptions::MetaData
Class Members
CoreString name
CoreVector< CoreVariant > values