Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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OSLShaderInputs Struct Reference

Public Attributes

GMathVec3f P
GMathVec3f dPdx
GMathVec3f dPdy
GMathVec3f dPdz
GMathVec3f I
GMathVec3f dIdx
GMathVec3f dIdy
GMathVec3f N
GMathVec3f Ng
float u
float dudx
float dudy
float v
float dvdx
float dvdy
GMathVec3f dPdu
GMathVec3f dPdv
float time
float dtime
GMathVec3f dPdtime
GMathVec3f Ps
GMathVec3f dPsdx
GMathVec3f dPsdy
OSLShaderInputState input_state
const GMathMatrix4x4d * object2common
const GMathMatrix4x4d * shader2common
float surfacearea
GMathRay::Type raytype
int flipHandedness
int backfacing
GMathRay::Type raytrace_type
const CtxGasctx_gas

Member Data Documentation

int OSLShaderInputs::backfacing

True if we are shading the backside of the surface

const CtxGas* OSLShaderInputs::ctx_gas
GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dIdx
GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dIdy

Incident ray

GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dPdtime


GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dPdu
GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dPdv

Tangents on the surface

GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dPdx
GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dPdy


GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dPdz

z zeriv for volume shading

GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dPsdx
GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::dPsdy

Point being lit (valid only in light attenuation shaders

float OSLShaderInputs::dtime

Time interval for each sample

float OSLShaderInputs::dudx
float OSLShaderInputs::dudy

Surface parameter u

float OSLShaderInputs::dvdx
float OSLShaderInputs::dvdy

Surface parameter v

int OSLShaderInputs::flipHandedness

flips the result of calculatenormal()

GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::I
OSLShaderInputState OSLShaderInputs::input_state
GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::N

Shading normal

GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::Ng

True geometric normal

const GMathMatrix4x4d* OSLShaderInputs::object2common

Object->common xform

GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::P
GMathVec3f OSLShaderInputs::Ps
GMathRay ::Type OSLShaderInputs::raytrace_type
GMathRay ::Type OSLShaderInputs::raytype

Bit field of ray type flags

const GMathMatrix4x4d* OSLShaderInputs::shader2common

Shader->common xform

float OSLShaderInputs::surfacearea

Total area of the object (defined by light shaders for energy normalization)

float OSLShaderInputs::time

Time for each sample

float OSLShaderInputs::u
float OSLShaderInputs::v