Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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OfResourceCustom Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 OfResourceCustom (OfClassCallbacks::CreateResourceCustomCallback create_callback, OfResourceCustomData *data)

Public Attributes

OfClassCallbacks::CreateResourceCustomCallback create_resource_callback
 callback called by ModuleObject::get_resource() to create the custom resource
OfClassCallbacks::CreateResourceCustomOverrideCallback create_resource_override_callback
 callback called by ModuleObject::get_resource_override() to create the custom resource
OfClassCallbacks::OnResourceUpdateCustomCallback on_update_resource_callback
 optionnal callback called by ModuleObject::propagate_resource_update() to update the data depending of the resource when it changes
 optionnal data which is passed as argument to create_resource_callback, it is delete by the module when the resource is removed

Detailed Description

Struct holding data to create and update a custom resource

A custom resource is a resource which is not defined by the class or the module itself It is added in an external way, see OfClass::add_resource() or ModuleObject::add_resource()