Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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PbrSasObjectDescriptor Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 PbrSasObjectDescriptor (GeometryObjectDescriptor *geom_obj_desc, unsigned int *sg_offset=nullptr)
 PbrSasObjectDescriptor (PbrSasSampleCtx &sample_ctx)
 PbrSasObjectDescriptor (PbrSasEvaluateCtx &evaluate_ctx)

Public Attributes

GeometryObjectDescriptordesc = nullptr
MatInvDet4x4d xform
 information about the origin and the hierarchy of the scene object
unsigned int * shading_group_offset = nullptr
 transform of the scene object in its parent local space
PbrWeightedSasObjectsas = nullptr
 shading group offset of the scene object in the scene (optionnal)

Detailed Description

struct PbrSasObjectDescriptor structure holding information of a scene object inside a SAS tree