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Clarisse 5.0 Reference Guide

The Texture Switch allows you to switch between a list of user-defined Textures according to the Input color. This texture operator is very useful to add texture variation in a shading network of a material based on the Object ID for example.


The Mode attribute defines how the Input color is interpreted to select the material.




In Randomize mode, the texture is randomly selected from the input color.


In Luminance mode, each texture defined in the Textures list is mapped to a luminance interval corresponding to the normalized luminance divided by the number of textures. According to the luminance value of the Input attribute, the corresponding texture is selected.


In Value mode, the material located at the specified rank in the Textures list is selected. In Clarisse the rank starts at 0 so that if the Input red value is 0, then the first texture of the list is selected.


Set the seed of the random generator used in Randomize in mode. Changing the value of this attribute reshuffles the selection of textures from the given Input color.


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