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A Combiner allows you to combine scene objects (including combiners and scatterers) into a single new item that can be manipulated. They are very powerful since they can be used to create super sets.

The combiner is basically a list of scene objects that can be moved around. Connection to items is dynamic and the list can be edited at anytime. Furthermore, deleting items connected to combiners removes them from all combiners that are using them.

A combiner and its source items

A combiner and its source items


Combining items is very efficient memory wise since all connected item are automatically instantiated.

Combining Scene Objects#

To combine selected scene objects, go to Edit > Combine to create a new combiner combining the selected scene objects. You can also use the Right Button in a Browser or Explorer and select Combine in the popup menu.

You can also create a new empty combiner, Create > Combiner and drag and drop scene objects in the Objects attribute list using the Attribute Editor.


To combine the content of one or multiple contexts, you can either select the Context(s) and Right Button in a Browser and choose Combine or add a Group defining a rule gathering the items your wish.

Using Groups#

One of the most powerful features of Combiners is that it is possible to use groups to define the content of the combiner. This way you can use procedural rules to generate the combiner contents so that it gets automatically updated according to the rules you specifed.

For more information please refer to Rule-based item Inclusion/Exclusion.

Combined Items Visiblity#

By default, combiners override the visibility of the items they combine. For example, if an item in a combiner is Unseen by Camera the same item will still be visible to the camera in the combiner. You can change this behavior by changing the attribute Sub Items Rendering Mode from Override to Use Sub Items Settings. Here is the list of attributes Sub Items Rendering Mode affects:

Unseen By Renderer
Unseen By Camera
Unseen By Rays
Unseen By Reflections
Unseen By Refractions
Unseen By Gi
Unseen By Sss
Cast Shadows
Receive Shadows
Matte Object
Matte Color
Matte Alpha