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Any geometries defining vertices can be deformed using a stack of deformers. A deformer operates and modifies geometry vertices and can't modify the topology of a geometry. The number of builtin deformers is mainly limited to texturable vertex displacement.

Adding/Removing Deformers#

You can add deformers through the Attribute Editor. Look up for the Deformers attribute list. click on the Add menu and choose the deformer you want to add to the stack.

To remove a deformer, select it and press the Del Key

Texture Displacement#

The Displacement deformer applies a textured displacement to geometry vertices (before actual tessellation). Since Texture Displacement operates on vertices, it doesn't support UV projection because of the discontinuous nature of UVs. It can be used to deform a terrain or displace and animate particles.

Displacement deformer on a subdivision surface polygrid

Displacement deformer on a subdivision surface polygrid

Texture Displacement shouldn't be confused with Geometry Displacements. For more information about Geometry Displacements please refer to Displacements.

Attribute Description
Weight Weight of the deformer
Local Deformation Sets if the deformer should skip global transformation of the geometry (on by default). Set it to Off if you wish your geometry to be affected by the global transformation of the geometry.
Scale Scales the input texture value
Texture References the texture used for displacement
Displacement Axis Sets the displacement axis

Displacement Axis#

You can control the axis of displacement applied to vertices. By default, the deformer is set to Normal which displaces vertices along vertex normals. Some geometries such as particles don't always provide vertex normals. In this case you can change Displacement Axis attribute to displace vertices instead along X, Y, Z or all three axis at the same time.

MDD Player#

MDD was one of the first point cache format available in the industry. Originating from LightWave 3D, it was democratized by the commercial suite of plugins called Point Oven.

Clarisse implementation of the MDD player streams the MDD file from disk. This deformer is deprecated and is only kept for compatibility purpose. It will be removed in the future.

Attribute Description
Filename Sets the MDD file path
Data Mode Sets if the MDD point cache data is interpreted as local or global to base geometry.
Start Frame Offsets the MDD start frame.


The Flatten deformer is a simple example of Clarisse SDK. It has no other purpose than educational ones.