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Clarisse offers a shelf widget dedicated to organize scripts. By default, the shelf is displayed in the application main window under the main menu bar but it can also be displayed as a Widget in a Viewport.

Within the shelf, scripts can be arranged in categories, have a visual name, a description and even display a custom icon.

Clarisse Shelf

Clarisse shelf

The shelf menu options can be displayed by right-clicking on any empty area of the shelf.

Adding items#

Using the shelf you can either add scripts or vertical separators to create logical groups of scripts. To add a new script, bring the shelf menu and select Add Item...

Add Shelf Item popup

Add Item popup

(1) Script Name* (2) Script Description (3) Category (4) Custom category name (5) Script file path* (6) Icon Selection (7) Custom icon file path (8) Shelf configuration directory

* Required fields

When specifying a file path for either the script or the icon, the file isn't copied. Each time the script is executed the file is loaded from disk. If you delete these files, Clarisse would be unable to find and execute these scripts.

To add the script to the shelf, just press Add.


When specifying a custom icon, we recommend you to use images at a resolution of 32x32 pixels otherwise they'll be resized to 32x32 pixels.

Editing items#

To edit a shelf item, Right Button on it. Press Edit Settings... to bring the settings panel. Note that built-in scripts can't be edited.

Removing item#

To remove a shelf item, Right Button on it and press Remove. This action is not undoable.

Customizing shelf display#

The display of shelves can be customized to display categories and more. To display script names, bring the shelf menu and choose View > Icons With Titles. To enable category sorting choose Category > Group By Category.

Icon names and category tabs

Icon names and category tabs

To disable script name display choose View > Icons. To disable category tabs, bring the shelf menu and choose Category > All.

Reverting to default configuration#

You can revert to shelf to the factory settings by selecting Layout > Shelf Toolbar > Reset to Default from the application main menu bar.


This action is not undoable. You will loose all your shelf customization.


The shelf supports up to 8 different slots that have completely independent configurations. To change the current slot, Right Button on the shelf to bring the shelf menu and choose the slot you want in the Slot sub menu.

Organizing scripts and tabs#

The shelf supports drag and drop which is very handy to organize the order of your scripts. Just drag an item and drop it where you want. Note that you can move the category of the item by dropping it on a tab. In the same way, you can reorder tabs using drag and drop. Finally, you can drag and drop items or tabs between shelves from different slots.

Showing/hiding the shelf#

You can show/hide the main window shelf by selecting Shelf Toolbar > Show/Hide.

Customizing the shelf#

It is possible to entirely customize the shelf from a set of environment variables and more. For more information please refer to Customizing Clarisse.