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Pick Fit#

Pick Fit

The Pick Fit tool allows you to navigate very quickly in your scenes. The pick fit is very easy to use. Just click on the center of interest, drag to frame the view and release to update the view.

Since the Pick Fit is so instrumental to the 3D navigation, it is possible to temporarily invoke it when using another tool. To temporarily activate the Pick Fit tool, press Ctrl+Alt, then click and drag to frame the view.

Pick fit framing using centered box

Pick fit framing using centered box Resulting View

resulting view

It is possible to further control the behavior of the tool using the Tool Options widget or by double-clicking on the tool icon in the toolbar.

Mode Description
Centered Box click on an item to pick new center of interest, and drag to set the new frame size. This is the default mode.
Box 2d Draws a 2d box around two points and fits the view.
Box 3d Draws a 3d bounding box from two points and fits the view to the 3d bounding box.