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Render Region#

Render Region

The Render Region tool allows you to create render regions in the Image View. To create a region, simply drag the mouse to create a region. This will create a rectangle marquee according to the Mode and the Target options.

Render Region

It is possible to further control the behavior of the tool using the Tool Options widget or by double-clicking on the tool icon in the toolbar.

Mode Description
Centered Box Create a rectangle around the clicked area.
Box 2d (default) Create a rectangle which starts from the clicked area.
Target Description
Widget Set the region of interest of the Image View. Unlike Limited Region, the region of interested is a visualization tool to render preview only a region in the Image View. If the image is rendered locally or on the render farm using CNode, the full image is rendered. Region of interest is displayed in green in the Image View.
Image Set the limited region of the displayed image. Unlike the region of interest, the limited region crops the actual render. Limited Region is display in blue in the Image View.

If a region is already set on the current image, a semi transparent blue frame will be drawn on the image. You can:

  • resize it by dragging its borders or edges (the mouse cursor will change)
  • move it after clicking inside the region (a blue overlay will be drawn and the mouse cursor will change).


Clicking outside the limited region without moving disables the option.