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AOV Editor#

The AOV Editor is dedicated to manage the AOVs of selected Layer 3D and layered images. For the build assembly workflow, please refer to AOVSet.

AOV Editor

AOV Editor

(1) Image Buffer list (2) Exported AOV list (3) AOV(s) Export Toggle (4) Add AOV(s) to 3D Layer (5) Remove AOV(s) from 3D Layer (6) Blending mode override (7) Filter AOV Names

The AOV Editor is divided into two parts. The left part (1) displays the complete list of image buffers defined in Clarisse. When image buffers are dimmed out in the AOV Editor nothing in currently outputting then in the selected layers/layered images. Yet, they can still be marked as exportable so that you can setup your AOVs even if the underlying scene isn't complete.

The right part (2) displays the AOVs that should be computed by the renderer. Each AOVs can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the eye shaped icon (3). If needed, it is also possible to override their blending mode using the blending mode override list (6).


Disabled AOVs and dimmed out AOVs are not output in the image.

To add AOVs to the right list, you can either:

  • drag them from the left list and drop it to the right one.
  • use the \(+\) button (4)
  • double-click on an item of the left list.

To remove an AOV from the right list, you can either:

  • select it on the right list and press the Del key.
  • use the \(-\) button (5)
  • double-click on an item of the right list.