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Color Picker#

The Color Picker is probably one of the widgets you'll end up using a lot of times. It has been designed to be efficient and works along the idiom: What You See Is What You Get.

The color picker truthfully displays colors and gradients according to the color management settings defined in the application.

The color picker also changes attribute values in realtime which is ideal to interactively preview color tweaks in a render.

You can choose colors between two color models: HSB and RGB. The color picker also allows to set HDR (high dynamic range) colors. Depending of the color output, the color picker can be used to set the color alpha channel.

Color Picker

Color Picker

(1) Color Field (2) Color Slider (3) Alpha Slider (4) Selected Color (5) Previous Color (6) Color Numeric Mode (7) Color Gradient Mode (8) Color Swatches (9) Color Values (10) Color Management (11) Previous/Current Color Operation

Color Gradients#

The color of the color picker gradients is the color field (1) and the color slider (3). By default, the color picker is color corrected by the Color Management settings of the application.

It is possible to change the color management settings by using the pulldown (10). Color field and color sliders display modes can also be changed by using the gradient mode pull down (7).

Color Field#

Pick your color by clicking and dragging the cursor (1) on the color field. The preview of the currently picked color is displayed in (4). You'll also notice that when you picked your new color, the previously color is displayed in (5).

Using the pulldown (11) it is possible to perform an mathematical operation to display the difference between the current and previous color. The result is displayed next to (5).

Color/Alpha Slider#

Pick your color or alpha by clicking and dragging vertically on the color/alpha sliders (2) (3). For a finer selection, you can also use the mouse wheel to move the cursor vertically.

Color Numeric Mode#

Numeric mode of color input text values can be changed to Float (default) or Integer using (6). In Integer mode, saturation, brightness, red, green, blue and alpha values are automatically clamped and range from 0 to 255. In Float mode, values go beyond 1.0 (HDR) and can be negative.

Color Swatches#

The color picker provides user swatches (8) to store and reuse favorite colors and also provides easy color sharing between projects. The color swatches is persistent and is saved in the application configuration file.

click, to select a color swatch. double-click or press the Use button to set the picker color to the swatch color.

To record in the selected swatch, the current picker color, click on the Store button.

Validating Color#

The color picker changes in realtime the color value of the attribute it was summoned from. However, even if the attribute color interactively changes to the one set in the picker, the new color isn't explicitly set until you pressed the Ok button.

If you press the Cancel button or the Esc key, the color of the attribute is automatically reverted to its original value.