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Hierarchy View#

The Hierarchy View displays and manages the kinematic parenting relationship between items. Unlike the Browser or the Explorer which browse the entire content of the current project, the Hierarchy View only displays Scene Items which define the concept of kinematic parenting.

Hierarchy View

Hierarchy View

(1) Edit Menu (2) Show Item's Fullname (3) Kinematic Path

By default, items display their name as they are defined in their contexts.

It is possible to display their fullname by clicking on Show Item's Fullname (2). Clicking on the Edit (1) menu brings some useful actions to Edit/Unedit items (when the vizroot is set to an Edit node) or simply expanding and collapsing items recursively.

Kinematic Path#

Scene Items both define a project/build path and a kinematic path. The kinematic path defines the parenting relationship between scene items where world:// is the root of the project. The kinematic path of the items is displayed in (3).

Parenting/Unparenting Items#

To parent a selection, simply drag and drop the selection to the parent item. To unparent items, drag and drop them to the world:// item or go to the Edit menu or Right Button and select Unparent in the menu.

Managing Columns#

By default, the view displays two columns Name and Type. Like with the Browser, you can add/remove columns by right-clicking on one of the displayed columns.

Column Description
Name Display the item name
Type Display the item Type (Object Class)
Source Display the source of the instance
Creation Date Display the creation date of the item
Modification Date Display the modification date of the item
Path Display the full item path in the build