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Image Gallery#

The Image Gallery is a widget that lists and displays thumbnails of all the layered images of the project.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery

(1) New Image (2) Display Mode (3) Display Image Filter (4) Force Evaluation

Using the New Image button (1), it is possible to quickly create presets of layered images.

Action Description
Image File(s)... Create layered images from a selection of files
3D Render Create a new layered image with a Layer 3D
Color Matte Create a new layered image with a Color layer
Empty Create an empty layered image.

Display Mode#

By default, the Image Gallery displays all the items of the project. It is possible to change this behavior by clicking on Display Mode (2) and choosing Current Context so that the Image Gallery only displays the content of the current context.

Display Image Filter#

By default, the Image Gallery only displays images. It is possible to display all items by toggling off Display Image Filter (4).

Force Evaluation#

By default, the Image Gallery doesn't trigger any evaluations to display image thumbnails. Thumbnails are automatically displayed when images are evaluated using the Image View.

However, it is possible to force the widget to evaluate images so that it can display thumbnails by clicking on Force Evaluation (4). Enabling Force Evaluation can be computationally expensive since Clarisse will have to render all the images defined in the the project.