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Property Editor#

Properties in Clarisse (called attributes or primVars in other packages) are arbitrary data attached to geometries. Properties can be access via textures using the Extract Property node. The Property Editor is a widget dedicated to manage properties defined by the selected geometries. The widget is divided into 3 areas. The toolbar, the edit field and the selection bin area. The selection bin area display the last selected geometries


Properties can only be fully managed for Particle Containers currently in Clarisse. Properties defined by other types of geometries coming from external files such as Alembic, USD or Open VDB are always read-only.

Property Editor

Property Editor

(1) Create New Property (2) Delete Properties (3) Set Value to Properties (4) Flood Fill Properties (5) Clear (Empty) Properties (6) Filter Selection Display (7) Display Geometry Full Name (8) Collapse All (9) Expand All (10) Property Format (11) Property Size (12) Property Value (13) Enable Particle/Property Paint (14) Geometry/Property Name (15) Property Type (16) Property Format (17) Property Size (18) Number of elements (19) Number of samples for the current time

To enable the Paint Particle Tool select a geometry and click on (13). The same way you can paint the property of a selected geometry by clicking on (13) next to the name of the desired property. Clarisse will automatically choose the right tool (Particle or Property Paint) depending on where you clicked.


The column Samples (19) displays the number of time samples for the current time.

Creating Properties#

When you click on (1) a popup window is displayed allowing you to create a new property to the selected geometries.

You'll need to set a name, a format and a size. The name is the actual name of the property. The format is the data type of the property. The size is not the number of element, it's the actual size of each element.

For example, a typical color property, the format could be set to float32 with a size of 3 (for the 3 channels of RGB).

To create the property simply press Ok.

Deleting Properties#

To Delete properties, simply select them and click on Delete Properties (2) or press the Del key.


Read-only properties can't be deleted.

Set Value#

You can replace all the values of the currently selected properties by the value set in the value field (12) by clicking on (3). This will basically overwrite all values of each element of the selected properties by the specified value set in value field (12).

Flood Fill#

Since each particle is not necessarily mapped to a value, properties can be sparse. These kinds of properties are displayed as Sparse in the selection bin (17). Using flood fill, sparse properties can be filled so that each particle, for example, is mapped to the value specified in the value field (12).

To flood fill selected sparse properties simply click on Flood Fill (4).

Clear Properties#

Clearing properties allows you to unmap all values of the selected properties. Clearing properties will turn them to sparse properties. The property will still be defined but not value will be attached to particles for example.

To clear selected properties, simply click on Clear Properties (5).

Renaming Properties#

To rename a property press F2 or simply double-click on its name.


Read-only properties can't be renamed.

Copy/Pasting Properties#

It is also possible to copy and paste properties between geometries by pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.