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Script Editor#

The Script Editor is a dedicated widget allowing to write and edit scripts directly in Clarisse. The script editor supports basic features such as multiple tabs, word and syntax highlight, auto-completion and search and replace.

**Script Editor

Script Editor

(1) Open Script (2) Save Script (3) New Script (4) Language Selection

The script editor supports common features supported by text editors. You can set the cursor to a specific line number by going to Search > Goto Line... or pressing Ctrl+G.

The editor also supports word navigation by pressing Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right and it is possible as well to duplicate the current line or a selection of lines by going to Edit > Duplicate Lines or pressing ++ctrl+d.

You can also comment/uncomment a block of code respectively using Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+X or by going to Edit > Comment Lines and Edit > Uncomment Lines.

Open Script#

To open an existing script, go to File > Open, click on Open Script (1) or press Ctrl+O. The Script Editor also support recent files which can be accessed through File > Open Recent.

New Script#

To create a new script press New Script (3) or go to File > New. This will create a new tab in the Script Editor.

Run Script#

To execute the current script, go to Command > Run or click on Run or press F5. It is also possible to execute a selection by going to Command > Run Selection, clicking on Run Selection or pressing Shift+F5.

Saving Script#

To save the current script go to File > Save or File > Save As... or press the Save Script button (2). Please note that Ctrl+S doesn't save the current script since the application favors saving the current project/build file instead for obvious reasons.

Scripts with no name are also saved in the project file as part of the user interface layout.

Increasing/Decreasing Font Size#

To increase or decrease font size, press Ctrl++ or Ctrl+-. Ctrl+0 resets to the default font size. Alternatively you can go to View > Zoom In, View > Zoom Out and View > Reset Default Zoom.

Word Highlighting#

By default, the editor highlights occurrences of the current word. It is possible to disable this feature by going to View > Highlight Word.

Auto Completion#

The script editor supports auto completion. To enable auto-completion press Ctrl+Space.

Auto Completion

Auto Completion

Search and Replace#

To search of a specific text click on Search... or go to Search > Find or press Ctrl+F. Press F3 to find the next text occurrence or go to Search > Find Next. To activate Search and Replace go to Search > Search and Replace... or click on the Search and Replace... button or press Ctrl+H. When pressing Highlight, the search and replace will highlight all references to the searched text.

Language Selection#

The script editor supports multiple languages when they are available. To switch between languages click on the Language Selection button (4) and choose the language you want. If the selected language defines keywords, syntax highlight will be automatically enabled.