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The Timeline lets you modify the application time. Using the Timeline, you can control playback range and play animations. The widget is divided into 3 areas: Time Slider, Playback controls and Time fields.


It is possible to display keyframes of the selected items in the Timeline by enabling Timeline Keyframes Display in Edit > Preferences...> Animation.



(1) Time Slider (2) Current Time Indicator (3) Start Time Range (4) End Time Range (5) Current Time Field (6) Playback Controls (7) Frames Per Second

Playback Controls#

Playback controls allow you to start/stop/pause and navigate through the application time. Please note that during an animation playback, it is still possible to manipulate items in the project.

Action Description
First Go to the start of the playback range
Previous Go to previous frame
Backward Play in backward the animation between the time range
Pause Pause the animation
Play Play the animation between the time range
Next Go to next frame
Last Go the the end of the playback range

Time Slider#

To change current time, click on the Time Slider (1) and drag left to move time backward and right to move time forward. It is also possible to directly set the current time using the Current Time field (5)

Time Fields#

You can set start and end time range directly by typing time value in (3) and (4) fields. To set the current time, use the Current Time Field (5). You can also set the Start Frame and End Frame at the application level or project level using the Preferences panel. Go to Edit > Preferences... > Animation in either the Application or Project section.

Time Units#

By default Clarisse displays time in frames. You can change time units in the Preferences Panel. To change time units, press Ctrl+K or go to Edit > Preferences.... Under Units section change the format of Time.

Format Description
Frame Displays time in frames (ex: 50 f). Clarisse defaults to measuring time as 25 frames per second. One frame is then 1/25th of a second. You can change Frames Per Second value in the Preferences panel under the Animation tab
Second Displays time in seconds (ex: 12.000 s)
Time Code Displays time in time code format (ex: 00:01:24:12)