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Clarisse 5.5 Reference Guide

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About this Reference Guide

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What is Clarisse?

Clarisse is a new breed of high-end 2D/3D animation software used to create and render the visual effects of Oscar wining movies, result of years of teamwork between R&D engineers and high-end CG artists. It has been designed to simplify the daily work of professional CG artists, allowing them to work directly on final images while alleviating the complexity of 3D creation. Its workflow has been designed from scratch to be "image-centric" so that artists can work constantly while visualizing their final image with full effects on. Clarisse is literally the fusion of a compositing software, a 3D rendering engine and finally, an animation software.


Clarisse is a professional application and this reference guide is intended for professionals. We intentionally try to keep this guide as simple as possible but we assume the reader already a solid background in computer graphics. For a more in depth technical documentation please use the HTML based one provided by Clarisse. You can browse the HTML based documentation by hitting F1 function key while running Clarisse or directly from the application menu bar using Help > Clarisse Help...

Looking for Help?

If you are having any issues concerning the installation or this guide, please use our community forums: If you are looking for training materials and tutorials please connect to our learning hub at

What's new?

To display the full release notes go to Help > Release Note... in the application menu bar.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the feedback of our great community of users, Clarisse is being continuously improved. We would like to thank specially here some of the key individuals who played an important role on the adoption of Clarisse by our Industry.


Adam Barnett, Alex Hessler, Ben Von Zastrow, Calin Casian, Dan Pearson, Doug Ikeler, Emmanuel Turquin, Eric Vezinet, Glen Sharah, Graham Jack, James Braid, Jeff Clifford, Jeffrey De Guzman, Jonathan Stroud, Kai Pedersen, Laurent Hamery, Lee Hann, Paul Huston, Peter Seager, Philippe Leprince, Quentin Marmier, Rick Leary, Simon Clutterbuck, Susumu Yukuhiro, Votch Levi


On behalf of the entire Isotropix team, thank you all!



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